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Life Advice - young coupleTotal Success Blog provides advice for your life in all life stages and circumstances so you can enjoy greater success. In addition to articles written by the Total Success Center team, we include valuable articles and links to sites provided by others on this topic of life and business success.

We welcome contributions from other experts in the broad field of life and business success, the purpose of life, how to change your life, personal growth and more. If you would like to contribute, use our online contact form.

“Success” is a subject which many people are searching for. Life is hard and many people do not have a wise parent, friend or adviser they can trust to give them the kind of success advice they want.

There are also many situations in life that are challenging. Growing up we have to deal with peer pressure, making good grades in school, extracurricular activities including sports, relationships with the opposite sex, friendships and so much more. In college we have to choose a career path and a relevant major of study, and again form friendships and relationships, respond to peer pressure and learn to manage our time and money.

After college we typically have to find a job, earn enough money to be independent, and hopefully find a mate and get married at some point. Or maybe we have no luck with the opposite sex and have to deal with that huge adjustment. We are responsible for managing our entire lives, at work and at home, building our place in the community, perhaps joining a church or synagogue or other organizations, buying a car, acquiring furnishings for a home and so much more.

Later in life many people have children, take on the responsibility of caring for them and raising them, buying a home, trying to save money for the future, making decisions about purchasing insurance and saving for retirement, often moving from one home or city to another more than once, dealing with changing relationships with their parents and with friends their own age, working to advance in their place of employment and increase their earnings, and eventually thinking seriously about retirement or working past the typical retirement age.

“Total Success” is not cut and dried, and cannot be overly simplified. Different strokes for different folks. You may like your life highly organized or you may prefer more spontaneity. You may be outgoing and have a wide circle of friends, or be more introverted and have few if any close friends. You may seek a close relationship with God or none at all.

The main author of the Total Success blog is a highly experienced business owner whose company provides marketing and business consulting services. In college he majored in philosophy and psychology and has had a lifelong interest in those subjects. He is a former news reporter and editor. He has written several books about success in life and in business, as well as the meaning of life and ultimate reality. Some of his best ideas will be shared through this website.

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