Consulting Services Customized For Your Needs

Consulting services customized for your needs are among the many advantages available from the Total Success Center. Our principals have over 25 years of small to midsize business consulting service experience, all customized to the specific needs of a very diverse group of small busines clients, as well as nonprofit organizations and government groups.

Consulting services by their very nature SHOULD be customized to your needs. But often the provider or firm is really trying to sell you on a limited range of standard solutions. Of course no consulting firm can be all things to all people. The Total Success Center, operated by highly experienced professionals, offers you consulting services in the following broad categories:

Needs Analysis – What does your firm need to enhance its success? Where are you now and where to you want to go? What are the obstacles or challenges you must overcome? A “need” by definition arises when you have a desire or want which is unfulfilled, and which is important enough for you to undertake a search for satisfaction. For example, if you need something to eat or drink, you probably will go to your kitchen or a nearby restaurant, not log on to the Internet or open the yellow pages for a solution. A good consultant will not only help you clarify your needs, he will also help you understand what you can do with your own resources to meet that need, and what makes good sense for using an outside source.

Strategic Planning – This involves developing a long-range plan for the growth and development of your entire organization. Many traditional strategic planning processes from the 20th Century don’t work very effectively in the fast-paced 21st. We offer a powerful, state-of-the-art strategic planning process called Dynamic Strategic Planning. Learn more about it at our special website,

Marketing Strategy – Marketing strategy is a special expertise we offer, as shown on our corporate website. Often people need professional guidance in developing a marketing strategy that is right for their business, customized for your type of business, the owners’ personal preferences, your marketplace, your budget, and many other factors. We can help develop just the “right fit” marketing strategy for you, including a wide range of market research if desired to discover the facts needed for building a sound strategy.

Organization Development – This involves helping your organization develop greater capacity for performance and adaptation to the changing external environment. It includes understanding and appreciating personality differences, teamwork skills, improved communication, learning and professional development, and many other activities that will make your small business stronger. Some people who have not used organization development consulting in the past may be concerned that it is too “touchy feely” or “soft.” But the truth is, your people are the essence of your business and its capacity to create customer value. The better it functions as a united team, with a high level of energy and focus, the better the results for all concerned.

Management Consulting – Managing a small business is very complicated. Most small business owners got started because they had some special skill that is the core of their business. That doesn’t mean they were prepared or able to effectively manage people. The Total Success Center staff will begin by listening carefully to what you want to happen that is not happening now, your personal aspirations and concerns, and the whole story of how you got where you are today. Helping you manage effectively is not entirely something we can teach or you can learn about in a book. It is a process of continuous professional development, of learning about yourself as much as learning about techniques and others, and seeking continuous improvement through a journey which never ends.

Interpersonal Consulting – Sometimes problems develop between key members of the management team or others in the organization who must work together closely. We listen to everyone involved and guide them through a process of increased mutual understanding, tolerance and problem-solving. Again this is not just a matter of quick-fix know-how but a process that evolves over time and requires continuous effort for best results.

Customized to Your Needs – Whether your needs are personal, interpersonal, organizational, or market based, the experienced professionals at the Total Success Center can help you improve your situation and achieve greater success. Your success is our success. Please contact us today to discuss your situation further. Simply use our email contact form to explain your situation. We will be back in touch soon. There is no cost or obligation for the initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose. We want to help you as we have helped many others.

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