Managing Complexity

A new book entitled “Managing Organizational Complexity: Philosophy, Theory, and Application,” features a chapter by Charlotte consultant Buck Lawrimore, president of Lawrimore Inc. and CEO of Total Success Center.

Published by Information Age Publishing and available through and bookstores, “Managing Organizational Complexity” includes the work of more than 30 consultants and authors, edited by Kurt Richardson of the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence (ISCE).

“Organizations in the 21st Century must manage enormous complexity,” Richardson said. “The global economy, the rapid pace of change, ever-advancing technology, increased competition, and rising expectations of consumers and personnel are just a few of the forces at work, presenting unprecedented challenges to all kinds of organizations.

“To help address these challenges, the new field of Complexity has emerged, paralleling the latest research by leading scientists, including many Nobel Prize winners, into how complex living systems adapt to their changing environments and learn to survive and thrive,” Richardson explained. “This book is the most comprehensive to date, revealing the vast spectrum of philosophy, theory and application which is developing, inspired by these new discoveries and insights.”

Lawrimore’s chapter is entitled, “From Excellence to Emergence: The Evolution of Management Thinking and The Influence of Complexity.” It analyzes how management thinking has evolved from Tom Peters and Bob Waterman’s “In Search of Excellence,” published in the early 1980s, to the present time as new Complexity insights begin to influence managers and leaders of companies and organizations worldwide. It also attempts to look ahead at how this evolution of thinking might continue evolving.

“Complexity is something we all have to deal with, but instinctively many of us recoil at the idea that the world is growing increasingly complex, with no end in sight,” Lawrimore said. “What is so exciting and positive about the new field of managing complexity is that it provides powerful new understandings and tools for dealing with this complexity much more effectively than 20th-Century methods. Since most managers today are working with 20th-Century paradigms, they can gain enormously from learning to use these new insights and methods to increase their competitiveness and success.”

Lawrimore has been president of his own marketing and management consulting firm since 1979. His services include Complexity-based consulting for business, government and nonprofit organizations. For more information, contact him at 704-332-4344 or through his website, He has also created a special website to introduce people to the practical applications of complexity management at

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